About Juiced Nutrition

Juiced Nutrition's mission is to provide healthy and convenient pre- and post-workout nutrition to fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious customers. Drop by to warm or cool down with a healthy, fitness-specific drink, recovery drink or coffee.

Our primary focus is to provide made-to-order, healthy and tasty, whole-food alternative to pre-packaged protein drinks for those people who are interested in fitness and a healthy life style.

Juiced Nutrition is owned by Jeff Alspaugh, a 58 year old fitness enthusiast. I've been involved in fitness for several decades.

While in high school I participated in karate, nearly achieving a black belt. In college till now I have lifted weights to gain weight. I have tried many different things to try to gain weight including eating anything and everything. Finally, when I decided to enter a natural bodybuilding contest, I focused on eating nutritiously.

It is not easy to eat nutritionally on a consistent basis. It is my hope that Juiced Nutrition will provide an easy and convenient source of fitness nutrition using natural (organic when feasible), whole food sources.

In 2012 I changed things up and started running. I never thought I would be a 'runner'. I try to run an official 5k each month with a group of great friends. I still lift weights but no longer with the goal of 'getting big' but to stay lean and to just keep moving.